State and federal agencies, as well as private companies, are already capturing your most personal data. Now, a global vaccine passport utilizing your faceprint may be on the horizon.
Two grieving American mothers, both nurses, are left with pain and outrage after the sudden deaths of "perfect" babies.
Nine months after mass vaccination, 110,000 fewer babies are born. In the U.S., birth data is scarce, and few mention the F word: Fertility
The Tampa Bay coach who loudly pushed for his team to get vaccinated is another victim of mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis, a top cardiologist says.
Dr. Fauci and others made some of history's most catastrophic decisions. They must change drastic policies, not ask for a mulligan.
"Where's my cycle" is the rallying cry of a group of French women fighting for basic expectations of life: a pain-free existence, a medical system they…
Pfizer Appears to Have Corrupted the Entire Western WorldVer ahora (2 min) | Europe awakens from a nightmare to the ground truth.
The covid-19 vaccine is the smoking gun in his life-altering surgical emergency, a renowned covid doctor and researcher says.
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