Anyone who hasn’t yet deleted Twitter should really consider doing so. And I don’t just mean the app, full accounts must go. Support free speech and strip these oligarchs of their power. Enough is enough.

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π‘°π’—π’†π’“π’Žπ’†π’„π’•π’Šπ’ π’Šπ’” 𝒂 𝑡𝒐𝒃𝒆𝒍 π‘·π’“π’Šπ’›π’†-π’˜π’Šπ’π’π’Šπ’π’ˆ π’˜π’π’π’…π’†π’“ π’…π’“π’–π’ˆ

*** 𝑩𝒖𝒕 𝑡𝑢𝑻 𝒇𝒐𝒓 π‘ͺ𝑢𝑽𝑰𝑫 ***


This might helps some to ease the "miracle cure" delusions.

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Pharma shill ⚠️

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Jimmy Boy, the trolling tike,

Likes to support the fake jab spike,

Don’t know facts from his ass in his hands,

But spreads his lies to far off lands.

Jimmy Boy tolls with BS links,

Somewhere upstairs his brain in in kinks.

Most people have much better to do,

But Jimmy Boy relishes being the schrew.

Jimmy Boy thinks he wiser than all,

But all of us laugh at Jimmy Boy’s gall!

No one believes his bullshit posts,

Hey Jimmy Boy! Time to ghost!

You’re an annoying child Jimmy.

Didn’t mommy give you enough attention when you were growing up?

What. A. Putz.

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ROTFLMAO. Okay now that took some effort. Love it. You win the "Comment of the Day" award.

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Actually about 2-3 minutes. πŸ˜€

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c19ivermectin.com if you want to actually read the research. 30 RCT studies.

You are citing an opinion article with ZERO research papers referenced? They talk about 2 RCT studies. Well which 2?

LMAO. Gee thanks for coming out. Would you like a cookie?

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Sure buddy... ivermectin.com? πŸ˜† Like 25 years ago, look at "philip morris.com" to research the benefits of tobacco use, especially stimulating effects of nicotine. Good stuffπŸ‘ The PM scientist said so... it's the "totality of evidence" that counts. Right? πŸ˜†

How dumb are you really? Jeez... πŸ˜‚

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If you could actually READ it might help. That is the C19IVERMECTIN.COM site which is linked from c19early.com which lists ALL the early treatment research papers. I put that one in to save you looking and clicking on the Ivermectin link.

So which of the actual research papers do you have issues with? You know those 30 RCT trials of actual research not just an opinion piece that you cited.

Good grief you are pathetic.

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Listen buddy... I follow the entire Covid pharma development since January 2020, including the so called "IVM trials" 80% of all those papers are based on observations and data of very small groups from 2020 of very questionable value. Especially because they were based on observations when the original Covid strain spread around the globe. The latest trials show little to no benefits at all and IVM is useless against the Delta variant. Whatever "benefit" there was in 2020... it's gone. If you we actually serious about Covid, you wouldn't fanatically focus on one single drug and inform yourself about the actual topic. This forum is all "Ivermectin Cult" and not a forum to discuss Covid. Get a grip buddy.... Science is marching on. Just not in this "IVM Miracle" community. There's too much money on the table to skim of gullible idiots... that's what this is all about.


Wake up... and think for a change. If you're actually capable....

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Now you are citing "The Intercept" ?? That's it? Which of the 30 RCT studies do you disagree with and why? Is that too hard for you?

You are as persistent as you are pathetic.

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Go and get your "IVM Miracle Covid Kit" πŸ‘

The friendly "online doctor" appreciates the business.

Only $90 consultation fee plus the cost of the "miracle pills"...

Wow, what a bargain. Dirt cheap πŸ˜†

You're an idiot and you deserve the "best".

Good luck

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I am thrilled to have found you and more than happy to subscribe to support this important effort to get the truth out there. Please keep up the great work!

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So.... any chance we could get Mary on gab.com?

I stopped going on Twitter for 2021.

Stories like this one might convince me to make it a permanent break.

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