"When John Berndsen sought out a covid vaccine at a local Walgreen’s in 2021, it seemed the thing to do."

No, no, no! 'Seemed the thing to do', follow the crowd, do the right thing, etc. are NEVER good reasons to accept an EXPERIMENTAL, NOVEL medical intervention which is being pushed like crazy by governments, institutions and the media, even MANDATED in some instances. Alarm bells should ring. This is WHY we are where we are, because so many people suspended critical thinking, ignored warning signs from outside and from within their own heads, and proceeded to blindly follow the crowd.

I never actively sought 'vaccination'. I was harassed by my GP several times to get the shots, but declined, slamming the phone down the very last time they tried. The hard sell was the dead giveaway and I seriously believe I might be dead or seriously injured by now if I had given in to the temptation to 'protect myself and others' at the behest of my doctor. I suffered a spontaneous coronary arterial dissection in 2016. That made me LESS likely to want to 'protect myself' with an experimental 'vaccine', which was being linked to a number of serious cardiovascular adverse reactions early on in the rollout. Why was I so different, in rejecting all attempts by the medical establishment to 'vaccinate' me? I'm just normal. Why were SO many people pushed into ABNORMAL behavioural responses? I still don't get it, two years later.

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The Pfizer and Moderna gold-standard randomized clinical trials had a 40-50% increase in cardiovascular-related deaths (and of course no lives saved overall), with vaccine versus placebo.


Layman's summary here: https://dailysceptic.org/2022/04/09/covid-vaccines-increase-risk-of-heart-related-deaths-by-up-to-50-lancet-analysis-of-trial-data-finds/

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A good mate - semi pro ice hockey player - 34 yrs old -- mandated to take the shot or no hockey for him etc... --- takes shot 1 in the morning -- I see him at lunch and joke 'you are still alive - that's good news!' - he laughs .. ya so far so good... early evening -- get a message -- I'm not good - burning sensation -- severe chest pain -- shortness of breath ... his girlfriend takes him to the hospital -- they can find nothing wrong...

In his quest for help and a medical exemption he sees numerous doctors -- one of them suggests he take the second shot cuz she is not going to request an exemption ... try the Moderna this time --- he says -- so I can have a blood clot to go with the heart damage... she frowns - he leaves -- he refuses to pay the bill when it arrives -- she makes a fuss... he pays...

He was finally able to get some help from a sympathetic cardiologist ... but he is forever damaged.

Another healthy friend -- this guy is as pro vax as it gets... cancer... gets a 5th shot for 'added protection' pre chemo/surgery... has a heart attack.. Doctors are baffled because he tests out as having no blockages etc... they tell him the chemo caused the heart attack... recently had major surgery for the cancer... if he survives he'll likely take the next scheduled booster.

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Thank you for courageously telling these stories that almost no other journalists will.

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my cousin's wife spent a year in a wheelchair after the 1976 swine flu vaccine. that, coupled with my natural skeptism, is why i don't take flu shots even ones for covid. i lost my job of 40 years and my BF "retired" gracefully but we still have our principles and our good health.

i've been to the funeral of a 41 year old who "died unexpectedly." another friend developed "upper right chamber heart damage" a month after the JnJ shot and was dead a few days later.

i wonder how many of us will be left when this plays out.

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Another EXCELLENT m, comprehensive and factual article by Mary Beth Pieter!! Thank you MBP, you were one of the sources of truth from the beginning of the Covid crisis. Only God knows how many lives you saved by warning us about the fake vaccine and the many government lies. You were fearless and never gave up. Thank you so much for all of your work- always outstanding!!

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I am an engineer/biologist who has worked in the environmental field for over 38 years. Much of my work involves investigations and cleanups of contaminated sites. Health based risk assessments based on largely unrealistic hypothetical exposure scenarios (i.e. grossly overstated possible risks) are used to establish cleanup goals. Typically, federal and state risk levels for cleanup are set at 1 in one million excess cancer deaths for carcinogens and a Hazard Quotient of 1 for non-carcinogens. Per federal regulation a hazard quotient of 1 means that exposure to a given concentration of a chemical or group of chemicals is unlikely to result in ANY adverse effects EVEN TO SENSITIVE POPULATIONS. This could include transient effects such as skin irritation. Having dutifully adhered to these requirements for over 30 years, I was alarmed when government and the medical community failed to respond to undeniable adverse event signals early in the vaccination campaign. My concerns were heightened when those in authority refused to acknowledge acquired immunity through infection and insisted on forcing these experimental injections on the entire population. This COVID saga, as well as several other trends in society, and the public's unquestioning acceptance of endless pointless wars, suggest to me we are in a new dark age.

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VAERS underreporting factor 41. How can this poison still be sold?

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Praying for the day when this terrible spell is broken and people are able to see clearly the crime that’s been done to them. I never thought I would live in a world where ignorance and arrogance would be so heavily promoted.

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A great post, I also wondered if much of what we see re injuries and deaths is the tip of the iceberg?

eg not attributed to the vax by naive or frightened doctors?

Take for example this heart transplant story from Australia...

To be working in Western Australia this girl is almost certainly vaxxed...

One of the strictest vaccine mandates in Australia re working anywhere...

The doctors only discovered what had caused this young girls heart to suddenly fail AFTER they removed it, her immune system was attacking the heart due to a "previous infection"... ??

I may have it wrong but I suspect this is a classic covid vaccine injury I'd think?...

Swept under the carpet deliberately or through cognitive dissonance? ...

I'll allow a one in one million chance this was a real "infection", it happens...

But given her age and the SUDDEN onset this seems very sus (if it were from a previous infection, one would think she'd have been experiencing a MASSIVE and NOTICEABLE cold and heart problems onset for a while if it were via natural infection, and she would have been sickly, unable to shake the cold leading to deteriorating health... Not for it to happen all of a sudden?!)


This reads like classic vax injury.. and would not be with the TGA (Australia) as a report ...

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VA still pushing covid shots and boosters on veterans.

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How many of us want to go back in time and make a different decision? Jamie Foxx does


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Oh yeah, get another shot.. Stupid bastards

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The Pfizer shot gave my dad a heart attack, and the doctors wouldn't report it to VAERS.

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Excellent article, really well done. Gut wrenching story. What I find interesting is how we only hear about the heart issues with young men, but these issues are happening to all ages. I know of one person close to me who had to drive himself to the hospital with chest pains. Was admitted, ran all the tests, etc. Clear arteries, but troponin levels through the roof. He asked his cardiologist if it was the shot, guy looked at him and didn’t say a word. Before being released, was asked if he wanted his 4th shot. Of course, he declined. Sad state of affairs we are in.

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Officially, the record of complications resulting in injury and death are being ignored and injections still being recommended. Ergo, what more proof do we need that there is criminal intent?

Such intent may go as far back as some 30 years ago when Ralph Baric was injecting study rabbits with “coronavirus,” then sacrificing the rabbits and studying their hearts. The abstract of the study seems to be setting up a false paradigm that coronavirus may cause heart disease as a way to remove suspicion for the study reason(s). I would be more inclined to believe that this was an example of a real ‘gain of function’ study—if there’s such a thing as ‘gain of function’ to design a lethal poison with a time delayed fuse. I am very skeptical that there’s even a pathogenic respiratory virus in existence to begin with. Meanwhile, lets just keep believing in the myth that’s has been built up as this Covid-19/SARS-CoV-2 respiratory virus monument, while ignoring the evidence already in the mainstream linking some of the illnesses attributed to Covid-19 as poisonous envenomation.

“An Experimental Model for Dilated Cardiomyopathy after Rabbit Coronavirus Infection”

Lorraine K. Alexander, J. David Small, Suzanne Edwards, Ralph S. Baric


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