I am a covid ICU nurse and I have seen first hand so many people die because the hospital refuses to give the treatment that is most effective. It’s so awful to have family members beg for ivermectin for their patient and the hospital lies to them and says it is dangerous. I am so thankful for doctors who are fighting for truth! I wish was near Virginia. On a side note I am taking ivermectin as a prophylactic and even with my family getting covid I still have not gotten it. I have used the FLCCC protocol for four family members and 10 friends and they are all healthy with no issues 😁


Randie Trestrail9 hr ago

I leave in Poquoson, VA. I am a former ICU nurse who has worked with Dr. Marik in the past. I have the greatest respect for him. I will be there! And I am a pretty darn good videographer so I will be there with my camera.

PS: It might be helpful to let people know where to park.



Sheri22 hr agoLiked by Sheila Furey, MD

Sending love and support from NC! My dr has followed FLCCC protocols and has treated well over 500 patients with no deaths and only two hospitalizations!


Kathy2 hr ago

Charlotte Presbyterian murdered my brother…refused him proper treatment


Robinson Khodra9 hr ago

Support from saint Lucia,our prayers go with you sir


Deidre Conradie11 hr ago

Sending support from Cape Town, South Africa. You and every doctor than stands up against this medical tyranny are in our prayers. May you continue to be courageous. May God protect you and your families.


Shirley McDowellNov 15Liked by Sheila Furey, MD

With you in Georgia!


Mel23 hr ago

With you in Eugene, Oregon and we adore and respect Dr. Marik beyond any words can convey.


JoAnn11 hr ago

Six of us alive and healthy with natural immunity thanks to the FLCCC and Dr. Paul Marik. And, a thank you to our own physicians who chose to FIRST DO NO HARM by supporting us in the protocol to treat our covid with early treatments.


Simon Biagi11 hr ago

Sending love and support from England, UK. Fighting this fight shouldn’t be lonely- we are all with you and even though we cannot be there in person, we send you our energy to sustain you and your friends in the only fight there is! Good luck xx


Emma hammond11 hr ago

Sending you support from the uk. Thank you for everything you are doing. Xx


Joseph Omorowa12 hr ago

Sending love and support from Nigeria.I used the FLCCC protocols(I-mask)for both prevention and treatment in my practice population since last year.I am a family Physician.


Robyn17 hr ago

Thank you to Dr Marik and his team at flccc.net. I used his protocol for my family and friends in South Africa. He has saved many many lives. With gratitude. Robyn Cohen


Johnsen Stein15 hr ago

Massive support from Norway!


fi1312 hr ago

Huge support from Australia for this wonderful man, FLCCC and all the other wonderful people and organisations around who are courageously fighting to be able use treatment that saves lives! My prayers will be with you.


Manuela Davis19 hr ago

With you in Florida ! Praying


Kathy Pemberton19 hr ago

With you in Texas. Praying those who live nearby can join you.


Stephen Sellers17 hr ago

Fully support Dr Marik, lets hope!


Bengt S.3 hr ago

Some more support from Sweden!



Extremely thankful to Dr. Marik and his fellow FLCCC physician's and staff. His strength of character and his willingness to be targeted by the corrupt medical bureaucracy in order to benefit his patients is to be greatly admired. Thank you Dr. Marik. We have all benefitted from your sacrifices. Praying for your success in this lawsuit. I have been using the FLCCC protocols for myself while also recommending to friends and family about the FLCCC recommended treatments. Lives are being saved as a direct result of your efforts. Unfortunately, there are many lives that are still being needlessly lost. Prayers from Southern Utah.....


Jennifer DeLugach, RN18 hr ago

Sending strength gratitude and love from California. You are heroes!!!! I used info I learned from FLCCC, Zelenko, and others when I got covid. Thank you for all you do! I spent much of the past 10 years unsuccessfully protesting vaccine mandates here in California. I know how frustrating this work is when the most basic scientific facts are ignored and the march towards totalitarianism continues. We must continue. This house of cards is going to fall one day.


Cherry AmesNov 15

Wish I could attend in person but I live in Georgia. However, prayer knows no state lines or man-made boundaries so I will cover them in prayer!


Terri lover of hillsWrites Terri’s Newsletter ·18 hr ago

Gonna show up for Dr. Marik. 4 hours away but I am happy to do it. His work, the FLCCC, have helped so many, and myself as well.


MountainBlues23 hr ago

With you in North Carolina!


jacquelyn sauriolWrites Dit Sansoucy ·Nov 15

with you in portland oregon


Dan Pettersson16 hr ago

Sending you support from Sweden!


Kurt Riley17 hr ago

Thanks you Dr. Marik!!


Rob, Byrne12 hr ago

With you from Ireland, people here are starting to wake up to the disinformation

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I came to know about Dr. Marik in May 2019 when my then-20-year-old daughter was hospitalized for sepsis at Sentara Virginia Beach General Hospital. 

She was in writhing pain from her chest and back down to her lower belly with radiating pain beyond and moving into her legs. She was feverish, as well.

Once she was seen in the ER, they sent her home stating her condition was inconclusive. I was frustrated because there was clearly something wrong with her and argued with the staff that discharging her didn't make sense. Nonetheless,  I was told they really couldn't do much else because they couldn't determine her condition. Without any medical knowledge of my own, I had no recourse. I took her home. 

A day or so later, my daughter's condition devolved even more significantly, and she was in terrible pain. I, again, returned to Sentara Virginia Beach General where she went through rounds of labs and discussions with doctors and nurses. Still inconclusive. I said I want a new doctor, something is wrong with my daughter. Another doctor came through and looked at her. Requested blood draws and other, newer labs. He said, "You're daughter has severe/advanced sepsis. Why didn't you come here sooner."

I explained that we had been into the ER a day or so before, but that she had been deemed inconclusive, and sent home. 

He said something to the effect, "That's unacceptable. This is very serious and they should have never released your daughter. She is very sick."

They immediately admitted her. Not sure if it was just due to space/bed limitations, but she was admitted to a room in Oncology.

The doctor up there explained what sepsis was and how serious it was, and how sick my daughter had become. I was in shock! My daughter continued her stay and remained in concerning condition for a day or so.

By in a moment of what I view as divine intervention, an acquaintance whom I had only met a couple of times texted to see how I was doing. I told her about my daughter and she said you need to advocate for her. Then she told me that we had one of the very best sepsis specialists in Norfolk, VA within the Sentara network - Dr. Paul Marik, and tgat she had just recently read about his HAT protocol for sepsis, and had outlined his successes with it. I looked up Dr. Marik's number and email and contacted him both ways.

He reached out to Sentara Virginia Beach General and coordinated for my daughter to receive his "controversial," yet often lauded, HAT protocol to treat her sepsis. My daughter made a very fast turnaround, visible to the medical staff and my family alike. She left the hospital a few days later in great health, and without organ failure or any other long-term effects.

At the time, I was so moved by Dr. Marik's willingness to help my daughter, most notably, because he did not just step back from the situation and defer my daughter's care to his Sentara colleagues. As such, I continued to follow his work in the news and referred a number of other people whom I would meet along the way who had loved ones struggling with sepsis, and he lent direct support to them, as well. 

Had Dr. Marik not stepped up and provided his alternative treatment for my daughter, I fear the outcome could have been much more dangerous, or potentially grave. It was obvious to me that before he became involved with her care, it was quickly heading in that direction. 

Not too long thereafter, COVID-19 had become a pandemic and I was researching and monitoring what could be done to prevent and treat the illness. By fall 2020, I had come across some really positive media about Dr. Marik and his/his colleagues' MATH+ protocols. I immediately reached out and inquired about what my family and I could do to stay safe. I am now among ~40 people within my family/friend base who have used Dr. Marik's MATH+ protocols to prevent COVID-19, and despite very close and lasting contact with Covid-19-positive people on multiple occasions, not one has caught COVID-19. 

I am not one to proselytize, but when I have heard stories of friends or their friends and family suffering with Covid-19 who have been sent home to linger by doctors who recommend acetaminophen and fluids, I have reached out and offered them Dr. Marik's in-home Covid-19 treatmeant protocols. All have recovered well and without any incident. I have also shared the Longhauler's MATH+ protocols with several friends with Long Covid-19,  and they all experienced very quick relief of their previously pernicious symptoms. 

Dr. Marik, I am grateful to God for you every single day and pray that you receive the justice you seek to continue your calling to heal and save us! Thanks so much for the work you are doing. I wish you much success and godspeed! We'll be with you this Thursday in the courtroom...and beyond!!!

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Dr. Marik’s FLCCC Alliance family knows him as a man of breathtaking courage, with a heart full of love for all of humanity. Paul, you have legions of grateful supporters in your corner…today and always. Your bravery, brilliance and truly noble example have saved lives throughout the world. Through this court action, you are poised to save hundreds of thousands more. With much love and admiration…your FLCCC brothers and sisters.

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I've been a registered nurse since 1982, and have been following the I-MASK+ protocol since mid-January, including the Ivermectin component of the protocol. I have not become ill with COVID. Earlier today I wrote this letter to Sentara Center for Healthcare Ethics in support of Dr. Marik's work:

Dear Sentara Center for Healthcare Ethics,

In regard to Sentara's prohibition of Dr. Paul Marik's practice of utilizing his well-known and highly regarded MATH+ protocol for hospitalized ICU patients, I strongly believe that patients should have access to the full array of safe and proven treatments for COVID-19, including those that are part of the MATH+ Protocol. It is my hope that Sentara will choose to support the sanctity of the doctor-patient relationship.

Physicians should be able to make such decisions based on their medical training and front-line experience treating critical patients. Dr. Joseph Varon of Houston is reported to have the lowest nationwide COVID mortality rate in ICU settings at a 6% COVID mortality rate in his ICU, consistently using the MATH+ protocol in treating his COVID patients without any restrictions on his ability to manage his patients. Dr. Varon has been recognized by the city of Houston for his exemplary work during this pandemic. Dr. Marik reports a similarly low COVID mortality rate of 5% to 7% among his ICU patients when using his MATH+ protocol, a mortality rate that has now soared with Sentara's recent restrictions on Dr. Marik's ability to freely determine the best standard of care for COVID and other patients. The math speaks for itself in regard to the many lives saved by this protocol for hospitalized COVID patients.

Please help to save lives during this terrible pandemic by simply letting doctors be doctors. Sentara is fortunate to have Dr. Marik on staff, as well as other ICU physicians who wish to utilize the MATH+ protocol at their discretion, toward the greatest and highest good for patients in their care.


Debra Swank

Elkins, West Virginia

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I can attest that I had previously memorized the EVMS covid management protocol prior to contracting the covid infection. As I began to develop symptoms, I assumed my symptoms were those of covid and began to start the Early treatment protocol. After a doctor appointment on day five and diagnosis I contacted a wellness center that I knew would treat my infection using this protocol. The physician prescribed the needed medication and reiterated the necessary treatment plan. Over the next 6 days I took the 5 day IVM treatment course and lived by the charts and graphs on the MATH+ page. I was amazed at the accuracy of the figure 1 to the actual illness. On day 11 I went to a local ER experienced in COVID treatment to be checked out. I was over the disease but the anxiety was killing me. The ER doctor assured me that I was over the serious part with normal stats and my chest films showed what the doctor call “normal” covid lungs. I left the ER and began to exercise the next day and get my strength back.

I’m convinced Dr. Marik’s EVMS protocol, the FLCCC and my local physicians kept me from serious illness. I am a 65 year old with a 15 year diagnosis of severe Rheumatoid Arthritis. How many lives could have been saved if every one had been allowed to have the treatment that I was given?

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I am a UK GP and have been using protocols from Dr Marik and Dr McCullough since November 2020 to treat patients with Covid-19. I have watched the protocols evolve to remain effective. Dr Marik must be allowed to use his clinical judgement to determine which medications are used to treat his intensive care patients. His protocols are standard of care in other hospitals.

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What is happening to this country. Why are doctors not allowed to help and treat patients anymore?

I've been an RN for 35 years, left bedside nursing a year ago because I could no longer watch patients gasping for air and die alone because doctors were told "there is no treatment" by CDC, NIH. I've heard mothers, fathers, family screaming, crying in the hospital lobby because they were not allowed to say goodbye to family members. Most of these deaths could have been prevented by treating patients. Some doctors tried to treat patients but were told not to prescribe HCQ or Ivermectin because its not an approved drug despite the fact that treated pts went home alive.

Dr Marik is an outstanding doctor that is practicing medicine for the right reason. He wants to treat and take care of patients.

Thank you Dr Marik for standing up. Doctors are to scared to voice their opinion but I'm sure the majority of doctors, nurses support you.

Thank you again for everything you do trying to save lifes.

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Having worked as a Respiratory Therapist for 33 years -mainly ICU with patients on ventilators

I can definitely say there has been a big change in healthcare. For several years now the Intensive Care Doctors are contracted with the Hospital. In other words they work for the HOSPITAL. Most see so many patients they follow “ protocol “ and are putting out fires as they go through the day . It’s hard to blame the new Physicians

when they don’t have the time or experience

to actually figure out what might help

the very sick and difficult patients. Some get on the defensive when encouraged to look for other treatment that could help the patients.

When you have a knowledgeable Doctor that has worked since the beginning with COVID patients - compassionate and always looking for ways to improve treatment and clinical outcomes of the patients… he should be praised for his DEDICATION and LOVE for his patients!!

Are you kidding??? I can hardly believe this and it is very upsetting. Any Physician can write orders and move on to next patient like a robot.

NOT MANY have the clinical skills and PASSION for medicine like Dr Marik that actually treat

their patients. The FLCCC are awesome Doctors that CARE and are trying to save lives.

You just cannot replace a Doctor caring for his patients- protocol has a place- but, each individual is different. Hospitals standing in the way of this??

I’ve been retired for a couple of years now and really miss taking care of my patients.

I can’t imagine working in a hospital where they tell me I cannot take care of my patients to try to save their life!!!!

I know SO many people that have gotten much better with the ivermectin and the FLCCC

guidelines. Look at the safety of ivermectin.

(Not the animal ivermectin- that’s ridiculous.)

Does the pharmaceutical industry REALLY have that much influence on hospitals and some Doctors? Do your reading and research.

Dedicated Doctors always have ranges of ways to treat their patients- the BEST for each patient.

Thank you Dr Marik- you are in my prayers.

PS I always think we should work as if we are working for the Lord. And I think all these dedicated Doctors are doing just that.

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My wife and I are unvaccinated and got Covid at the same time back in Sept. of this year. I took IVM daily at the first signs of Covid along with zinc, C, and D. My symptoms were not severe and I recovered within a week. My wife, at the advise of her doctor, took IVM the first day after the positive test. She took 9mg but the doctor advised that she not take anymore. Her symptoms progressively got worse and had to go to the ER for dehydration. She was very symptomatic for 2 weeks but continued to follow her doctors advise of taking NSAIDs, anti-nausea, zinc, C, D. Ignoring her doctor's advise, I convinced my wife to get back on IVM. Within 3 days after administering IVM to her, she was symptom free. We informed (educated) her doctor what we had done and her doctor now prescribes IVM to her patients as early treatment and has had zero patients admitted to the hospital. For the CDC, NIH, WHO to completely disregard the efficacy and safety of this drug and rail against it's use for treating Covid is ridiculous and they should all be charged minimally with negligence and potentially murder. Dr. Marik and the FLCCC's fight to right the wrong in all of this are in my prayers.

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Thank you, Dr. Marik for standing up to the FDA and the FDA's puppet master, Big Pharmaceutical Companies. My next letter will be to my Congressional representatives to tell them that the American people are the ones who own the FDA -- not Merck,Pfizer, Moderna, etc. Congress: you should fire the top management at the FDA.

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NO Hospital, NO Administrator, NO government entity, NOBODY should be allowed to circumvent, impede, prevent, or have ANYTHING else to do with that relationship between Patient (ie. Me), or any patient and their doctors. NEVER, at NO time, and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES where a Doctor is caring for, treating, and attempting to heal. Especially in this case with Dr. Marik. I don't know him personally, but I do know first hand how unbelievably effective and LIFE SAVING the protocols he recommends are (see FLCCC Mask +). My wife had covid and quickly her SpO2 dropped to 88-90. I knew if she was admitted to my local hospital, she would be treated here like she was currently in the Sentara heath care system. She would eventually end up on a ventilator and life or death would be a coin toss. I had her put on the protocol that Dr. Marik uses with Ivermectin + etc., and within two days, like a miracle, Sp02 from 88-90 up to 93-95. And within three days Sp02 was 97-98.

Health care providers that have taken the position that Sentara has are no better than the NAZI concentration camps with their ovens (ventilators). They will all pay for their EVIL.

Any Judge or any Court in any Jurisdiction that would be complicit by allowing something like this is just as EVIL as the Healthcare Companies that do it. They are murdering, or are responsible for the "wrongful death" of patients. A Nuremberg Day is coming!

It is my hope and prayer that Dr. Marik prevails!!

It is also my hope and prayer that EVERY family who lost a love one due to this, brings legal action against Sentara or any other EVIL pathetic medical company like them!

I have used the word EVIL several times, because there is NO OTHER way to explain Sentara's stance. They are refusing to allow well proven, documented treatments that have an unbelievable clinical success. Sentara might as well pull the trigger of the gun they placed at the patients head!

My heart is truly broken for the families of those who have lost a loved one because of this policy. And my heart will continue to break over all the future wrongful deaths if the Courts don't put a permanent end to this EVIL edict or any like it.

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An unvaccinated family friend and his wife contracted Covid. They were following the iMASK protocol and were much improved in few days. Friend has severe anxiety/PTSD and the stress sent him into severe reaction and he had to got to hospital. Hospital would not allow use of IVM, so took him off, where he immediately Began to decline. A couple days later his breathing was worsening, wife began slipping him the IVM again and he started to improve. Lab tests alerted docs to the IVM and she was reprimanded. After fighting to have that doctor removed and an IVM sympathetic doctor replace him, new dos said his hands were tied due to hospital restrictions. Wife began pushing for rights for doc to administer IVM, but by that time, husband had to be put on ventilator. Once on ventilator, hospital still refused use of IVM, and now wife was unable to have husband moved to agreeable facility due to severity of his condition. Husband never improved and died in hospital weeks later. Wife, who continued her IVM protocol recovered fully, only to have to bury her husband who was inly in his 40s. We need docs and hospitals to allow this treatment and protocol and doctors need to have the right to determine treatment, not hospital policy!!! Go Dr. Marik!!! We are praying for a positive resolution!!

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As an old-school grad RN of 55 years, I recognized Dr Marik as one of The Best. I trained in a large facility next to some of them. I call them the MacGyver doctors! They are passionate about saving lives; the lives of people presenting to them. Dr Marik and the FLCCC doctors worked tirelessly in their ICUs last year then went home to work tirelessly at their desktops to scour the world clinicians and researchers to find the answers.

Imagine their relief to understand and successfully treat the very ill as well as the newly ill; then to prevent the illness. Job done; now to rest. Not so.

Never in my born days have we (drs/rns) not sought ways to prevent injuries or illness…until now. Why this entity? Why now?

How abhorrent to have Dr Marik watch people die knowing what to do for them; torture for both.

Thank you Dr Marik for being such a good teacher. What I’ve learned has helped a dozen or so more people thanks to you. They are grateful as am I. We stand with you in this unrelenting (and unnecessary) battle to practice the Art & Science of Medicine. Godspeed

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I took IVM for almost a year as a prophylactic, no side effects and no COVID even after being exposed more than once. I have stopped taking it and have saved what I have in case I or someone in my family needs it to treat COVID. It is scary that medical professionals can no longer treat patients as they deem fit. Thank you Dr. Marik and FLCCC.

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I just sent this letter to Sentara Ethics. I want to add that despite Garry's suffering we were blessed by a Nurse in the ICU who administered tender care to him in his last hours. I routinely pray for those in healthcare who are in the terrible position of watching those die whom could have been saved:


Tue, Nov 16 at 8:33 PM

Dear Sentara,

Dr. Marik's lawsuit is very personal for me. I am not his patient, I have not suffered personally with COVID-19 but I have raged against it and against the doctors who would do nothing and have blocked those who were willing to try alternative treatments like ivermectin.

Our extended family suffered a great loss this past September in the sudden and violent suffering and death of one of our own. Garry K. had a name, a wife, a family, a calling, a career, and health. What he was not offered when he was admitted to the hospital in Phoenix, AZ with COVID-19 was a chance at life.

They denied him vitamins, nutrition, medicines he could swallow, and denied repeated calls from his family requesting ivermectin. The hospital administrator proclaimed that he would not give ivermectin because it caused "seizures". I ask you, what is worse, death or seizure? What can the hospital treat, death or seizure? Garry's personal doctor was willing to administer the ivermectin. He was denied.

Garry had the right to treatment. His family had the right to see him cared for in the best possible way. Garry died after tremendous suffering. That suffering has not ended for those of us who remain. That suffering exists every time a patient requests treatment that they have determined a good course of action with their doctor and then are blocked by someone who has no right to be in the middle.

A hospital administrator has NO business getting in between a patient and his doctor. A patient has the right to request and try therapies. It's that simple.

I ask you to place yourself firmly in the bed of countless patients struggling for life. What chances would you like? What kind of doctor would you want? Dr. Marik fights for his patients with well informed reasoned action. That is the kind of action I wish Garry had had. It is the kind of action I would wish for you too should you ever find yourself in Garry's place.

Thank you,

Jennifer M.

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When in the past have doctors ever been prevented from treating their patients with the medications that the doctors want to use?

Look at what the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh did by using Ivermectin as a prophylactic they almost completely eliminated Covid from circulating within Uttar Pradesh!! Why is the success of Uttar Pradesh not all over the news in the United States?

Is it because the vaccine EUA's would have to be cancelled?

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Dr. Paul Marik is a hero

His work and the work of the FLCCC have influenced so many, me included and I thank them every day for their integrity and the will to fight during this dark chapter of humanity.

You got all my love Dr. Marik, true heroes that are simply during the right thing.

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I am just an old Carpenter, but I have gotten so much good, honest, helpful information and support from Dr Marik, Dr Kory and FLCCC. Thanks be to God for all of you. This has been a long road. I have never had Covid, have never even tested for Covid, and refuse to do the vaccination...and I might add, this decision has not made family life any easier...but I need to stick to my beliefs ...(I had better stop or this will get too long.) Anyway...thanks again for all the great advice...for helping me with information that allowed me to get a prescription for Ivermectin, so that I can continue to work and not worry. I love you all ...God Bless you all

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I can’t even believe this nonsense is real. Thank you to all who are fighting for doctors and patients rights! Ivermectin works! My 73 year old father contracted COVID in August. First symptom of a scratchy throat started on a Monday. He had a fever on Tuesday and tested positive. We were lucky enough to find a doctor to prescribe Ivermectin (at our request) and a pharmacy to fill it. Fever was gone the next day after taking the Ivermectin. Other than some slight fatigue and a mild cough he did great. Fever started again at about 10 days and oxygen levels dropped to about 90. We were able to get another round of Ivermectin and again the fever was gone and he completely recovered within a week. Keep fighting for this! It works! The only parties that should be making any decisions about their treatment are doctors and patients!

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FLCCC has been our go to for many months. Dr. Marik is a national hero & treasure.

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I am a 30 year practitioner of Chinese Medicine and have observed how vital a practitioner's connection to the patient is in healing. Even more specific is the heart connection between doctor and patient. I've been learning from Dr. Paul Marik for approx. 2yrs. and I'm not sure I've met a more devoted, heart-centered doctor in my tenure. He is one of the most upstanding and ethical doctors I know. He brings his stewardship of the hippocratic oath to every decision he makes. It is unthinkable that he has endured the withholding of safe, effective medications that have been working for the better part of 2 years because of bureaucratic lack of integrity. Believe me, if you or anyone you loved were ill, you would want Dr. Paul Marik in charge of your recovery. Thank you in advance for doing the right thing in this matter. Laurie Morse, L.Ac.

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I"ve been following Dr Marik and the FLCCC Alliance for about 1.5 years. I"ve watched their many videos about how they've saved so many lives when others have failed. These doctors are heros in my book. They believe in "First do no harm." Dr Marik is known for treating his patients with the best medicines available that work. It's criminal for arrogant hospital administrators to tell individual doctors how to practice medicine. We would think any hospital would be very happy to employ ethical doctors like Dr Marik who get results and save lives. Good luck, Dr Marik.

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Dr. Marik is an anchor for our family throughout this horrendous pandemic. We admire him and we are so thankful he is alive during these troubling times. Please restore him to your hospital and apologize for your grave mistake of removing him from your staff.

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I met Paul at the infamous VITAMINS conference in Belfast. We were friends and confederates even before. It was great to do battle along side him in Belfast. It has been great working with him on COVID-19. I too have been ivermectin "muzzled". Watching patients suffer and die needlessly has been a terrible experience. Most recently, I lost a family member. He was refused the IVM protocol. We need a wellspring of activism. The three letter agencies must be taken down.

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We have given Ivermectin and hydroxy-chloroquine (with Vitamin D and Zinc) to many friends and each one that has taken it has recovered QUICKLY. God Bless the doctors that are giving out these life saving treatments. A small minority of the "rebels" won the American Revolution - i think just about 10%. Similarly the truth will eventually prevail, and hopefully we can learn and never repeat this debacle again. What happened here is a great tragedy and a huge step backwards for the United States and the world on many levels, but perhaps what was hidden is just now being revealed. Most broadly, we can not trust the bureaucrats in power who do not care about us. This is very sad, a dereliction of public responsibility. But best to know it now.

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How do we go from do no harm to let them die?

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Rise UP People!! Power 2 the People! Dr. Marik we stand with you in solidarity, empathy and downright PISSED OFF PASSION!! You never should have gone through what you experienced watching your patients die when you knew you had a treatment of overwhelming potential to cure. I am a nurse practitioner in Long Island, NY and I'll end with this quote:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

― Buckminster Fuller

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We are in a Spiritual battle on many fronts . I pray the Judge is on the side of Good.

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I am a medical surgical nurse for 18 years. Thanks to these protocols I have helped over 77 people survive COVID-19 and only 1 80 yr old hospitalized due to late treatment. She is back golfing! Telehealth has been the neat way to help. My husband is also a nurse and his boss’s ask him for help with COVID-19 for their own family members because they know they will get no care early outpatient. Most people who call me only do so after their own pcp, urgent care, or hospital denies them any early outpatient treatments and zero advice in care. Why would you not provide early outpatient treatments for a deadly virus.

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I am an operating room nurse, I have worked at the front lines from the beginning of the pandemic. Dr. Paul Marik knowledge saved thousands of lives by sharing the knowledge of treatment protocols. Thank you Dr. Marik.

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God bless you Dr. Marik. I have been following you and all the FLCCC doctors for months and am so grateful for all you do.

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Anyone overriding the sanctity of the doctor patient relationship is guilty of a crime against humanity. These crimes against humanity must end now. Greed is the root of this evil plain and simple. Forbidding a doctor to treat their patients with proven, effective, safe medication is pure insanity. Forcing doctors to use dangerous, experimental, drugs begs the question of why. What changed? One needs to look no further than the major global players behind these atrocities. Investigate everyone involved with Event 201, CEPI, GAVI, WEF, WHO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, etc....this crime is an easy one to solve. What is their agenda? We are watching it play out in real time. They have made their goals clear. This madness must be stopped. The people behind this must be held accountable. Tying the hands of doctors is but one piece of their evil agenda. It must be stopped.

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When I was a kid two of my Dads brother were Doctor. Sunday’s we would go to my closest uncles for dinner. I can not tell you how many times during dinners that he would answer the phone ( land line days) apologized for leaving, picked up his bag and left. He would do what ever it took to help his patients . Two of my cousins were nurses and taught by their dads how to treat patients. My Brother was a Doc and took after his Dr uncle’s in treating patients. Not one of them EVER had a hospital tell them what they couldn’t do to save a patient. Hospital administrator should be taking care of patients so if they make a bad decision death should be on their hands. Dr Marik must be able to save people rather than hospitals administers worrying about the government’s threat or how much money they will get from sick covid patients.

Steve Damstra

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I stand with Dr Paul Marik! I just resigned from a large healthcare group. I was not allowed to treat patients with Ivermectin and the vaccine is mandatory. It’s time to fight back against medical tyranny and stand for health freedom!

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I emailed a letter of support for Dr. Marik to Sentara Ethics today and I lobby the Scottish Government with data from the FLCCC and BIRD. We must all support these doctors, regardless of our country or job. Together we will beat them.

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I think it’s time to organize a separate medical organization perhaps based on and financed by volunteers and donors which can provide medical help to people by using cheap but effective, most probably repurposed medicine and cheap but also effective supplements like vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids enzymes etc. following the lead of orthomolecular medicine and of course the example of Dr. Marik, Dr. Kory and all the other brave Doctors of the FLCCC

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We've been taking Ivermectin prophylactically for about a year. It is harder and harder to procure and Covid rates in Florida have declined, so we'll stop taking it and save supplies for emergency use. This whole situation is surreal and so very sad. I'm an engineer, very analytical, and a "rule follower" by nature -- but when the rules cease to make sense....

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I’m a retired ICU nurse. I’m saddened to see this being done to the most noble professions. Are the hospitals that have turned into corporate conglomerates entirely owned by the pharmaceutical companies now? It certainly appears that way. First the insurance companies garnered control over medical practice and because it was allowed now the pharmaceutical companies have taken control. Time for hospitals to regain their autonomy if doctors and nurses ever want to practice freely again.

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I have followed the FLCCC since March 2021 and have been Covid free following the protocol these wonderful physicians have put together. I encourage everyone I know to tune in and follow the truths these doctors give. They have truly saved many lives!

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God bless Dr. Marik for standing up to these murders. WE STAND WITH YOU!

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Our family of three, 16, 56, 61, all got covid. One of us was vaccinated. We all treated with the IMASK protocol and without a single complication moved through infection with ease. Now our entire house has immunity. We continue to use the prophylactic protocol when traveling on planes to be extra safe. We are so incredibly grateful for Doctor Marik's work because it gave us our lives back. Our family doctor was limited with helping us with an alternative protection plan and we were able to get sound information from the FLCCC that kept all three of us out of the hospital, at home, and recover effortlessly. We are beyond grateful, BEYOND.

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Millions of us around the world were in fear and despair at the world wide generic instructions to "#1 Self Isolate #2 Wear a mask #3 Go to the hospital if you have difficulty breathing" if we tested positive for the dreaded Covid-19.

No official channel anywhere told us how to help ourselves ... nor educated doctors how to actually heal the afflicted who couldn't breathe.

We were terrified at the beginning of this pandemic as leaders around the world fumbled around calling out laws that often had nothing to do with the virus.

Then one day Dr Pierre Cory addressed congress and mentioned Ivermectin. The news went viral. Hope happened as we discovered the courageous FLCCC doctors led by Paul Marik ... gentle, unassuming and wise beyond words ... he actually gave practical steps on WHAT affected persons could actually do at the very early stages of infection ... let alone when they found it "hard to breathe" and hospitals were full and worse ... there was no money for hospitals!

South Africa eventually legalised Ivermectin and so did Zimbabwe and other countries ... people had hope and direction and example on how to care for themselves and their loved ones.

How is it possible that such an educated, caring, international and experienced physician could by over ruled in his own city, in a hospital where his skills were admired, by a board of less experienced and less successful directors ... This court case is more than an example for the USA ... it is an example for the whole world ...

Dare any judge in any court of law, condone the interference of a Doctor doing his very best for his patients in his care ... even to the point that people actually die from being denied life saving medication that is cheap and freely available.

The world is watching ... Freedom? ... Liberty? ... in America? Really?????

The world is watching ... One way or another we will learn a deep lesson from this case ... how is Honour, Truth and Justice really ... in America ... How great is USA????? Do we follow their example or go another way????

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Still in shock that a doctor trying to honor his Hippocratic oath is one of the very few exceptions to the rule. Sadly, the majority of doctors have been either indoctrinated to blindly obey orders from bureaucrats of the FDA/CDC/NIH of coerced/blackmailed to play along BIG PHARMA'S criminal malpractice. BIG PHARMA'S sinister tentacles reach the White House, Congress and all health agencies... Despicable, repugnant, criminal

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I’ve held strong to the conviction the Dr. Marik, Dr. Kory and the FLCCC Alliance deserves the Nobel Prize. They (and other early treatment advocates) are the unsung heroes of this pandemic.

It pains me to see a man of such brilliance, humility and integrity being smeared and maligned for the crime of trying to reduce suffering and save lives. Humanity owes you a debt of gratitude.

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Thank you Dr Marik and FLCCC for all that you do. We have peace of mind knowing we have our covid kits ready. My husband made several trips to Panama on business, and while there, bought plenty of (over the counter) ivermectin for us and for family members. We call him our mule.

The FLCCC has been a source of much needed sanity in a world that has gone insane. For that we are eternally grateful.

I cannot begin to imagine your frustration and emotional torment at having your hands tied while patients needlessly die, all for a political game. It's truly unbelievable.

We stand by you 100%

With love and gratitude from Maine

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Thank you, Dr. Marik, and all the doctors at the FLCCC. My entire family is grateful for the tireless work you do. My family contracted Covid this summer and were all able to treat with Ivermectin. I'm happy to say that we had mild cases with no lung issues. The doctor at the Urgent Care facility where we were tested told us to go home, take Tylenol if needed, and if our pulse oxygen dropped below 90 or our lips turned blue to go to the hospital. That was it! He offered us no other treatment. Pretty much just good luck. That's all I can do for you!!! Fortunately our functional doctor follows the FLCCC protocols and prescribed Ivermectin along with the other supplements and we have a compounding pharmacy who fills our prescription with no issues, unlike CVS. I absolutely credit the FLCCC doctors for preventing our family from a potentially worse situation. We are fortunate to have natural immunity but keep our Ivermectin handy in case we want to use it prophalactically. Blocking Dr. Marik and others who wish to use the I-Mask protocols is criminal. People are dying and they are not even being given the chance to use this life-saving protocol.

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Praying for you Dr Marik! May the judge rule in favor of saving lives! God bless, Jeff and Grace, Reno, NV

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Devastated to hear about the events Dr Marik has had to witness.

We who support FLCCC in Australia send you Big Big Love,Respect ,and much gratitude!

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Just helped my very sick neighbor stay out of the hospital with knowledge from FLCCC. Praying that Doctors can fight back just like Dr. Marik.

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I will be there to support Dr. Marik in Norfolk on Thurday. We will eventually turn the tide.........and the judge will have no doubt about the sacred relationship between doctor and patient.

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