Another well known cause of blood clots is being forgotten about by medical professionals worldwide. Either forgotten or deliberately obscured from public scrutiny because the proposed Internet of Things depends on the planned future technology beyond 5G.

Electro-magnetic radiation, especially since the roll out of 5G, is responsible for micro-clotting known as Rouleaux blood. This has been known about for more than a decade.


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Michael Capuzzo writes, "Reuters, a giant global news service, employs talented or at least highly experienced science writers and medical writers. Couldn’t they spare one or two to get to the bottom of the most important scientific questions of our age—how to stop the loss of millions of lives and the worst global chaos since World War II? The answer is no. "

Why not? Because the chairman of Reuters (James C. Smith) is also a board member of Pfizer and a big investor in Pfizer stock (see link below):


Another EVIL conflict of interest! Yes, I am calling it what it is: EVIL.

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Deion made a big mistake because of his love of money above all else. He's got lots of company in that regard.

But his mistake, caused a lot of other mistakes, thanks to him promoting it. Nonetheless, anyone who takes medical advice from someone because they're a "fan", is asking for trouble.

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Nothing better than when a Pro Vaxxer gets shot down in flames like this.

Neon D goes into the Hall of Shame as a top Pro Vaxxer -- his career was rather short though - I don't imagine he's taking the Super Boosters that are on offer now

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Hubris, thy name is Deion. The Clot Shot finally shut your big mouth.

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I am appalled that the perpetrators of this massive criminal scamdemic, are walking away, and amongst us, scotfree, after poisoning millions with this witch's brew/concoction. They should be warehoused, separated from innocent law abiding citizens, for everyone's safety and wellbeing.

40 to 60% of the Nurses and Doctors in the U.S. took the Vax, trusting the integrity of the Public Health officials, like Fauci, with far too many paying with their own life.

This was not an "oopsie" - "we didn't know what we were doing" by those who did the heavy lifting regarding every aspect of the; research development, implementation, and distribution, and administration of this Bioweapon.

Unfortunately most people are so intellectually divorced from the horrific reality of what was done to them, I doubt that we will see "Perp walks" anytime soon.

Having worked as a Vascular Specialist for 32 years, (now retired), I understand the harm that was caused by the key players/co-conspirators/ CRIMINALS; FAUCI, DARPA, DOD, WHO, THE U.N., THE NIH, TEDROS, GATES, THE FDA, CEO BOURLA, PFIZER, MODERNA, J&J, ASTRA ZENECA, DR. BARIC, UNC CHAPEL HILL,DR DASACK, ECOHEALTH ALLIANCE,JOHNS HOPKINS, WUHAN, ...ET AL

Our Criminal Government that funded the research, ($4 MILLION DOLLAR GRANT TO FAUCI), then covered it up, is literally killing us, all while telling us the Vax is good for us, and it's "Safe and Effective", and most people don't yet realize what's been done to them by force, duress, and coercion? Thier DNA has been altered to manufacture cytotoxic Spike Protein!

Will you continue to roll up your sleeves and tolerate this utter madness? Will you give this to your Children and risk their health as well?

Or will you stick your heads out the nearest window, and holler at the top of your lungs 🫁 (of what's left of them), "We're mad as hell and we aren't going to take this anymore!"?🤔

Time will tell.

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Hello to you all! On May 13th there will be an international event for all of those who suffered from this horrendous last few years. The most visible victims are the ones dead or maimed by the shots and those who died from untreated cv or other infections and diseases, who did not fit well to the narrative.

But there are many of us who suffered in various ways - discrimination, insults, being outcast from the workplace, public life and places, or simply put in repeated lockdowns.

Could you please share if there is anything planned in your country / region / town? It would be interesting and we still have the time to use and improve creative ideas, so that it could not get silenced and would not go unnoticed.

Thank you all!

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Deion Sanders has moved to CU Boulder. Very exciting for the program and he is actively recruiting new players. Many of the young men are coming from schools with NO vaccine mandates. CU Boulder requires initial series plus booster. Now what? Do these athletes know this is pay (potentially with their life) to play? CU Boulder - AND ALL SCHOOLS - need to DROP their mandates.

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David Andrews, Matt Harvey, Chris Bosh, Jason Pinkston, Kimmo Timonen Trey Smith, Russell Okung, Serena Williams, Russel Okung, Crish Bosh, Patrick Mahomes, Amy Shark, Kyle Larson, Travis Barker, NeNe Leakes, Jerry Buss, Sug Knight, Russell Okung, Richart Street, Angelo Dundee, Trey Smith, Al Roker, Byron McCullouch, Tamar Braxton


....BEFORE THE VACCINE EXISTED! Wow you nuts sure know how to cherry pick ;)

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This Video/Article with comments is Referenced Here:



[ https://stevenwork. substack .com/p/multiverse-journal-index-number-1705]

Archived: https://archive.ph/vU3wU

DropBox: https://www.dropbox.com/s/nq0d3zptqfn4fpi/Multiverse%20Journal%20-%20Index%20Number%201705%20%2C%20November%207th%2C%202022%2C%20Monday%20Morning.pdf

[ https://www.dropbox. com/s/nq0d3zptqfn4fpi/Multiverse%20Journal%20-%20Index%20Number%201705%20%2C%20November%207th%2C%202022%2C%20Monday%20Morning.pdf]


[Facebook Suspension for 6 days]


[because of the version of https://stevenwork.substack .com/multiverse-journal-index-number-1698 posted There.]




Archived: https://archive.ph/B0Mkl


DropBox files: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fo/i6jw5beexs6vrsd0zz58k/h

[ https://www.dropbox. com/scl/fo/i6jw5beexs6vrsd0zz58k/h]


November 7th, 2022, Index Number 1705:

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When the CDC, FDA, WHO, top medical journals, all say that mRNA vaccines are safe and effective..

When the world is facing a pandemic it is one's responsibility to take a vaccine to lead to herd immunity. It is a moral obligation.

What if two Presidents of the US strongly endorse getting vaccinated.... Biden has been shown several times getting the vaccine. Trump got the vaccine in secret.

What if your own life and your family is in mortal danger from a dangerous pathogen?

I just did a search "are mRNA vaccines safe and effective" and here are the results on 11/7/22

"The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are strongly recommended as safe and effective at preventing serious illness or death from COVID-19. From December 2020 to December 2021, about 470 million doses of COVID-19 vaccine have been given in the U.S.

Is the COVID-19 Vaccine Safe? - Johns Hopkins Medicinehttps://www.hopkinsmedicine.org › health › coronavirus"

Wow!! 470 million doses of the clot shot!!! A triumph of health care!!!

Given the tsunami of truth how could Dionne Sanders be against mRNA?

Strong people and whole collectives don't change their position unless there is a good reason.

How can anybody be against this movement of civilization's progress to control biology?

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