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Michael and Teresa - thank you for providing the details about Dr. Malone's attempt to get the ivermectin study published. I subscribe to his Substack and have watched too many interviews to count, but never heard that whole story.

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Dr. Malone, and Jill, are among a few heroes of the Plandemic. They, along with the late Dr. Zelenko, Dr. Kory, Dr. McCullough and a very few select others, have enlightened, saved and helped us and millions throughout the world. A courageous truthteller and talented scientist, Dr. Malone's contributions to science, truth and liberty are amazing. Why he is being attacked, slandered and libeled by people who are supposed to be on the right side is hard to comprehend. In the face of attacks by "friends" and the forces of evil, he persists and prevails. It would be easy for him to retire with Jill to their beautiful homestead, but there is too much love of humanity in his existence for that to happen. To the Malones, thank you for all you have done for mankind. We stand with you and for you. Please don't stop, do not comply, do not let the Satins of the world get you down.

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"if you get the answer wrong, and give credibility to absurd, unscientific, unethical, or brain-dead attacks on him from The New York Times or Alex Berenson"

I recently unsubscribed from Berenson's Substack and told him to do one - and stated explicitly why. The last straw was when he said he wasn't accusing Fauci of crimes against humanity in a CYA exercise. Unbelievable.

His attack on Malone was cowardly and unwarranted. Probably the only person on "our side" who has come out of this entire pseudo-pandemic in a better position that when they started is Berenson. Fair play, the guy's smart. But I don't trust him as far as I can throw him anymore. I suspect that the number one thing he cares about is himself.

I suspect the reason he attacked Malone in the way he did, on live national TV no less, was because he regarded Malone as a "Johnny come lately" and that he recognized that Malone was far more qualified to speak on the matters at hand (so basically jealousy and a potential threat to his cottage industry).


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Excellent piece, providing valuable background information. Thanks Michael.

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Thank you!!!! Jill and are overwhelmed by your kind words.


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After 2.75 years of Out Patient treatment of Covid 19 with Ivermectin and witnessing it's incredible ability to abbreviated signs and symptoms of Covid, prevent hospitalizations and also benefit those with Non CV viral illness it became readily apparent that BIG PHARMA would do anything and everything to vilify it's utility! Falsifying journal articles, bashing physicians using it and pushing a dangerous substance with false claims of efficacy MUST PUT THE WORLD ON ALERT! Consequences must be enacted after the perpetrators are rounded up and proven to be engaged in Nuremberg violations and almost singlehandedly destroying the long trusted Doctor Patient relationship!

These cannot be merely a mea culpa but severe and meaningful.

The last 3 months I have been reading with keen interest who actually controls the world! Everything at our lowly level of day to day existence is but folly for "THEM"! Committe of 300, Tavistock Institute, Black Nobility, House of Rome and many more (but not large in absolute numbers) are calling all the shots! Fauci and Gates are mere facilitators of the Oligarchs, Aristocrats and those who help create ongoing wars, illnesses and death to ultimately reduce mankinds total numbers on the planet! We are so occupied by the bait they dangle in front of us (WEF, WHO. Gates Foundation, Rockefellers and Rothchilds combined with the old European money ( Venetian, Vatican, Babylonian, House of Orange, House of William) we small folk will unwittingly continue to SERVE THEM AS WE ARE THE USELESS EATERS! Bruce L Boros MD FACC

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Two suggested corrections:

1. "...Malone and the entire magazine staff quit in protest."

Comment: Frontiers in Pharmacology is NOT a magazine. It is/was a peer-reviewed journal, so.....

"..the entire editorial staff of the journal quit in protest."

2. ".... he forged 'The Declaration of Rome' that made an early stand against mandated childhood mRNA vaccines."

Comment: "forged" has two meanings. Perhaps Malone AUTHORED "The Declaration of Rome...." would be less confusing...

Thanks for the nice summary.

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Our EU Commission is a huge fascist set up, nothing to do with Democracy, not even far from that, it's just constellations away from Democracy. But not because its acts, but because the EU Commission DOES NOT RESPOND to the EU Parliament, DOES NOT NEED ANY APPROVAL from EU Parliament, by the rules not because I say it.

In the so called EuroReich, Parliament by the rules, has only Consultative power but have no Final Decision on anything! EU Commission is a Nazi set up made to rule all EU countries without responding to ANYONE! As for arms to nazi Ukrainians, as for economic Sanctions to Russia that made Europe in a huge inflation run, currency fall and so on. As for Covid approval of mRNA killer vaccines...

And all of that was planned in USA, because USA needed to have only ONE referrer in Europe instead of 19 or now 24, different head of State, Secretary of State, Min of Defense and so on.

USA has realized that at the end of '80s after the disastrous Vietnam, after the huge Nixon Watergate. If you remember when that toxic idiot war criminal of Mr.Bush Jr decided for the war in Iraq huge protest in Europe exploded in the streets of all european cities.

Now as you saw for Nazi Ukrainians, it's enough to contact the EU Commission Secretary of State and Nato commanders and decide when and how to make a war to Russia, sanctions, arms... And all of that when Ukraine was famous to be a huge corrupted State with money laudry and all the worst and opposite of Democracy...

So blame Pfizer, I agree, but blame your criminal Governments from Nixon to Biden and all the Administrations and Agencies that worked with/for them! Txs!

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Evidently, the video was taken down? My screen is black? Will try again and I will read your substack article. Thank you for all you do.

At our ages, I cannot believe it has come to this. It’s worse than a living nightmare.

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Most everything we have been told growing up, is a lie.

As Keanu Reeves said, Matrix is a documentary. Please see for yourselves.



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Schwab's chief advisor Yuval Harari says that Covid was organised to install total inside-body biometric surveillance. 666

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I don't understand the attacks by Alex Berenson on Robert Malone. Robert Malone has given very full, consistent answers to all the points and he never makes those ambiguous comments that suggest evasion. I think you have to believe people unless you have evidence, innocent until proven guilt, otherwise we are in a terrible world.

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Does Dr Robert Malone consider that there is no virus?

Does he know what the symptoms of electro-magnetic radiation are?

Zero Covid will only be possible when we have ZERO 5G.

Until that happens people will continue to sicken and die.

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