If you don’t think this is intentional, and is just a bad combination of incompetence and bureaucracy, just ask yourself a question.

Where is the Harvard Medical School outpatient treatment protocol? The Johns Hopkins? The Mayo Clinic? The CDC?

Why does it have to fall to small groups of brave, independent doctors have to band together, fighting slander, to find treatments? It sure sounds like corporate and academic medicine really didn’t want treatment options.

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Thanks for the thorough accounting of yours and Fred's Covid experience with Ivermectin. Shameful events have occurred. I hope you decide to pursue litigation because until that happens, this outrageous behavior will continue unabated. We can no longer consider ourselves a free democratic country. Once the media became captured, all bets are off. We're no different than China or Russia I'm afraid. Who could ever have imagined these events occuring in the U.S.A.

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It never ceases to amaze me when liberals express astonishment that the mainstream media would stoop to outright lies and character assassination.

Conservatives have been aware of this for decades.

So much of history that has been written by the mainstream media is just simply not true.

Joyce, I applaud you and your husband Fred for the work you are doing and for your courage. Thank you!

But don't hold out hope for an apology from the press.

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Fauci has done the exact same thing(s) with Covid-19 as he did with HIV/AIDS decades ago. He was wrong then and he is wrong again now. Ivermectin works. Period. Full stop. Why does it work? Who cares - it works. Much like they do not completely understand why Methadone works to treat chronic pain for low income people - Ivermectin works. It has been proven by the results out of Tokyo and especially the Uttar Pradesh province in India - population 230 million. Poor people with a vaccination rate of under 5%. Late last spring they started handing out "Health kits" containing a 10 day supply of: Tylenol, vitamins D3, C and a multi-vitamin, Zinc, Ivermectin in 12mg tabs and doxycycline in 100mg tabs. Their case rate dropped off a cliff. Currently there are virtually zero cases in the province. Tokyo saw very similar results. Throughout Africa, where they take the drug Mectizan (ivermectin) donated by Merck to fight malaria there are very few cases and virtually no deaths from covid-19.

Why is it we are not allowed to use Ivermectin "off label" as allowed by law? COuld it be that Ivermectin is cheap and has a long history of being safe - and - vaccines are making people Billionaires?

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no one wants to say it - but this is a well thought out & executed genocide ... They've been planning this for decades, Dr David Martin has the paper trail f the U.S. patent #'s of the SARS-CoV2 virus which was 100% definitively manmade in a laboratory under Ralph Baric & Anthony Fauci's name @ UNC Chapel Hill (funded by NIAID & DOD) - it is a bioweapon ... It has been given GoF to make it more lethal/damaging to every organ in the body (wherever there are Ace-2 receptors; which is in every organ, including the brain) - the GoF was intended for it to specifically target lung epithelium so the victim would die from ARDS. If it doesn't kill us the mRNA vaccine (with the exact same bioweapon) will - sometimes fast, sometimes a few days, weeks (endocarditis, ITP, strokes) sometimes years; e.g., Guillian Barre ... The SARS-CoV2 is meant to depopulate the USA - shorten our life span. Catherine Austin Fitz - a Wall Street whistle blower - has come forward to let us know that they (the bankers, technocrats, oligarchs) took all the $$$ out of the USA in the late 1990's and plan on phasing the USA out of the Global World Powers (22 trillion is missing from the Federal Reserve). This is a genocide and Attorney Reiner Fuellmich is suing the WHO for crimes against humanity - He successfully sued Deutsche Bank & Volkswagon for their Corporate crimes and intends to have Nurenburg II Trials in the near future. Go to planetlockdownfilm.com to watch the many interviews (e.g.., Catherine Austin Fitz has since left the USA and resides in Sweden; her life was in danger).

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What a powerful article about an amazing couple.

When historians look back at this time, if they are honest, will see the control and manipulation of Covid by corporate health care, Big Pharma, public health bureaucrats, Big Tech and Big Media have literally doomed millions of people, to a suffocating, lonely, miserable death. It’s an almost unimaginable evil.

I fought Covid in August of last year. Before vaccines, before IVM, and my doctor (who was assigned by my HMO) nonchalantly diagnosed me and told me to stay home until I needed an ambulance. Fortunately I followed the EVMS protocol (forerunner to FLCCC) and took HCQ and supplements, which got me through it in a week. And I’m grateful.

Recently, I was in a Target and I heard a man arguing with a pharmacist who was refusing to fill his prescription. I had a funny feeling, so I waited a minute, and if course it was about IVM. He was lucky enough to get a prescription but not in his choice of pharmacy. I waited and approached him, giving him the link to FLCCC (who list doctors and pharmacies). The callous indifference from someone we give responsibility to help in the healing process was shocking and depressing. But sadly common.

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Thank you, Joyce, for writing this moving account of truth and true heroism. I can only imagine the emotional toll this has taken on you both. As a supporter of the FLCCC since I first learned of their work last spring, I have been watching the ivermectin propaganda scandal unfold with absolute disgust and incredulity and profound sadness.

I cry every time I read about the patients' families who are doing everything they can to access medicine that could save their loved ones lives. I feel sick as I think about the thousands of people who have died in ignorance that it was not Covid that killed them, but the corrupt public health officials and Corporate Media who were determined to ensure that effective treatment would not be allowed. And I am crying now, as I read this wonderful piece about a heroic doctor who still gives me hope.

I cannot begin to adequately express my admiration of Fred and all of the frontline physicians who have risked everything to save lives, and yet have received so little in return. I hope the day comes soon when their efforts will be properly acknowledged, celebrated, and rewarded. Until then, thank you Joyce and Michael for continuing to share their amazing stories of courage.

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First note - I doubt that big pharma spent trillions to develop the vaccines. Billions yes, trillions doubtful - I would change that one word given that those who oppose your view will seize on it to discredit everything else. Otherwise, excellent article - and I am grateful that someone with a political view that is likely the polar opposite of mine has written it. I post to facebook and in online comments to both local and national newspaper articles several times a week about IVM or HcQ, and the overwhelming majority of negative comments directed at me come from liberals who claim the we on the right do not follow the science and are essentially crackpots.

Anyway, the first red flag for me was when Trump touted the use of HcQ as a possible game changer and the left, along with the MSM (but I repeat myself) went into hysterics claiming that a drug used safely for over 70 years had somehow become dangerous. The subsequent trials of HcQ were deliberately designed to fail by overdosing - much like the current trials for IVM (ACTIV-6, COVID-OUT, and PRINCIPLE) appear to be deliberately designed to fail by under dosing, administering on an empty stomach and for too short a time period - 3 days vs. 5-7 days, essentially following the same protocol used in the Together trial.

The reality is that had our health agencies embraced the re-purposing of FDA approved drugs for off-label use early on, this scamdemic would have been oblieterated by mid 2020. A number of doctors who were actually treating patients instead of providing the FDA recommended "supportive care" were using either IVM or HcQ, or in some cases both as early as April 2020. Yet, like the FLCCC doctors, their letters to the health agencies went unanswered and were ignored.

I routinely look at different data sets for vax rates, cases an safety profiles. Here is my latest compilation that I posted to facebook today.

First up, new cases in the US are once again rising despite the fact that this data is not being collected as religiously now as it has been in the past. Vaccine data collected from the Mayo Clinic web site, case count data collected from Johns Hopkins.

7 day moving average for the US – 121,852 new cases per day. Increase from past week – 838,375, with 59.76% of the population fully vaccinated. US Population is 324,697,795 per Johns Hopkins case count data.

Now, let’s compare to Uttar Pradesh with an estimated population of 231,502,578 with just 23.83% now fully vaccinated. Per the Times of India covid tracker, total active cases stands at 132 as of 12/8 with 10 new. That is not case per anything (hundred thousand, million, etc.) that is TOTAL cases. And remember, when the delta surge hit UP, with just 5% of the population fully vaccinated, they saw daily case counts drop from over 35,000 to under 300 in under 2 months per the Times of India Covid Tracker. Why? Because they launched an aggressive campaign to distribute Ivermectin to the entire population as I have previously documented. And UP is not alone. Everywhere where IVM has been widely distributed and used has seen dramatic drops in cases and therefor hospitalizations and deaths.

Next, let’s look at safety data. Per VAERS analysis, reported Adverse Events following vaccination from Dec. 2020 thru 11/26/2021:

927,740 total AE’s reported compared to 859,919 for all other vax’s combined since 1990.

21,931 life threatening events vs. 14,160

99,943 hospitalizations vs. 81,992

19,532 deaths vs. 9.319 – ie: more than double the deaths than for all other vax’s combined since 1990 – think about that, especially given that in the history of vaccines, whenever the number of deaths following a vaccine reached a very small number, like 50, the vaccine was pulled from distribution pending full examination of the causes of death.

31,652 permanent disabilities vs. 20,459

145,285 office visits vs. 48,202

102,544 emergency room visits vs. 211,875

691 birth defects vs. 174

The WHO database, VigiAcess, data is even worse reporting over 2.4 million AEs following the vaccine.

For Ivermectin, VigiAcess reports a total of 5,812 AEs since 1992 with by now over 4 billion people treated. For Remdesivir, total AE’s come to 7895 since effectively 2020 (1 case was reported in 2019).

As documented in any medical literature about Ivermectin from before all the politicization about everything covid, it is one of the safest drugs in the history of humanity, yet it is being smeared as somehow now becoming dangerous. As to the charge that it has not been approved by the FDA to treat Covid – so what. Roughly 20% of all prescriptions filled are for the re-purposing of an FDA approved drug to treat an off-label condition. With the safety profile of IVM, it’s proven anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties, why wouldn’t any sensible doctor who actually treats patients try it given that there is virtually zero risk of a serious adverse reaction.

Yet hospital systems around the country are denying patients the right to try IVM despite several documented cases where after a judge has ordered hospitals to treat severely ill patients in ICUs and on ventilators, the patients who were allowed to complete their treatments with IVM walked out of the ICU and have fully recovered.

What we are seeing folks is a complete abomination and truly a crime against humanity perpetrated by big pharma which has totally captured our health agencies and the MSM which continues to misinform about both the vaccines and IVM.

Vaccines are proving to be neither effective at preventing the spread given that people can be re-infected and if they are, their viral load is similar if not greater than an unvaccinated individual, and they are proving to be far less safe than advertised. Ivermectin, on the other hand, greatly reduces viral load – even with breakthrough infections which do rarely occur in people using it as a prophylaxis – and as the data above suggests, IVM has a safety profile that is multiple orders of magnitude better than the vaccines.

Time to wake up and try a different approach to dealing with Covid. IVM is not the only off-patent, generic and therefore inexpensive treatment, simply increasing your vitamin D levels, using zinc, vitamin C, Quercitin alone can help reduce risk. In addition Hydroxychloroquine and Fluvoxamine have been shown to be very effective as well. You would think big pharma and our health agencies would advertise the benefits of these preventatives/treatments if they were more interested in positive health outcomes instead of profits.

And, another interesting read: https://vaersanalysis.info/2021/11/18/but-the-pfizer-trial-showed-that-the-vaccine-is-safe-and-effective-right/

Lastly, reading the other comments is very educational as well, so thanks to all those who take the time to comment and provide additional valuable info.

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You have proven beyond doubt that there is a totally corrupt conspiracy behind the COVID scam.

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I don’t know... these are obviously great people in the sense of fighting covid and defending the truth, heroes in this age. On the other hand they cannot see how the left that they support hates them and what they do and have done?? Seriously??? That same left that so clearly hates our country?

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Thank you! I will be sharing your piece to help break through the fog that people are in. My husband just went through Covid (3 comorbidities) and we found assistance through FLCCC and followed their protocol. He came through with flying colors. I had Covid in Feb 2020 (before it was a "thing") and spent the entire time taking care of him and my natural immunity worked like a charm. Please don't stop the fight, we need more people like you and your husband.

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Buttigieg is a YGL graduate of the Klaus Haus.

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What an incredibly well written story!

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Wonderful article! I have not been diligent to call your husband to set up a preventative plan. I have the non prescription items of the flccc.org I-MASK protocol and am taking them to treat myself.

It has come to the point that politics has to start local, with your own body, following obvious things like exercise, vitamin D3 and others, etc.

I think Big Pharma and the alphabet agencies now have gone too far with the push to vaccinate children. I know that flccc.org has not taken an official position against the mRNA vaccines, but other major voices are speaking out forcefully. Robert Malone said vaccination of children is evil. And yesterday, Peter McCulloch, heart - kidney expert with 660 publications in pub med, spoke to Bret Weinstein on the Dark Horse podcast. Peter says that the vaccination of children is comparable to the Tuskegee Experiment

"The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male was an ethically abusive study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the United States Public Health Service and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on a group of nearly 400 African Americans with syphilis. Wikipedia"

Since Bret has been kicked off youtube several times, I found the link on Odysee


It is a little strange because towards the end the same part is played over and over again, an editing failure. But that part is when they discuss what to call what is going on: incompetence or ignorance or deliberate. Be sure and watch the last 5 minutes.

I think that parents are going to force this issue and it might bring down the mafia operation quicker than I thought.

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Compliments of your politics children are already dying, having heart attacks, having their bodies sold for life to big pharma ……. Congrats!!! You saved the people you care about but insist on destroying the society my children will grow up to live in. You must be soooooo proud! 🙄

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Thank you so much for your perseverance and the bravery for sharing your story. My wife and I both work in the medical field and contracted COVID-19 this past July. I had discovered the FLCCC webpage through diligent research and was intrigued by the protocols being used. I was also very impressed with Dr. Pierre Kory after listening to his plea to congress on the use of ivermectin in the treatment of this virus. A cardiologist I work with believed in the protocol and prescribed ivermectin to my wife and I without hesitation. At the time of starting the ivermectin, along with vitamins D, Zinc and Quercetin, our symptoms were moderate to severe, but within 24-48hrs, had amazing recoveries for us both. I feel very fortunate to have discovered this life saving drug, and I’m so disappointed in how many lives were lost at the hands of big pharma, the corrupt media and the political scam against a wonderful, lifesaving drug. Thank you again Dr Fred

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