Fauci, his conniving wife, Gates, Zuckerburg, big pharma, all govts, insurance companies, mainstream media, CNN, Reuters, other elites are all complicit in this PLANDEMIC.

It's time for everyone to remind these monsters who the real masters are.

Wake up people!! REFUSE to be the lab rats!

Take control of your lives OR DIE in 5 years after getting jabbed that contains graphene oxide.

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wow, this is amazing, big pharm doesn't want to lose a penny just keep us all under their thumb when a simple drug like Ivermectin could save lives, but money is what this world is all about, saving lives is secondary.

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Anecdotal foolishness. The studies referred to are small and some of the data was discredited. The author of the pre-print withdrew it and yet it lives. This reminds me of the autism/vaccine debacle.

I'll wait for my trusted physician to recommend a drug for me.

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