What is RESCUE?

  • RESCUE is a publication and a global community of top journalists, scientists, doctors, nurses, and patients on a mission to shatter the Orwellian censorship wall and get news of life-saving COVID-19 doctors and treatments—including ivermectin, fluvoxamine, Vitamin D, and other medicines and supplements—out to the world.

    Censorship kills. Unfettered, doctors, patients, scientists, and journalists can end the pandemic and bring hope to the world.

  • RESCUE is the creation of acclaimed New York Times-bestselling author and ex-Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Michael Capuzzo and Teresa Banik Capuzzo, the founding editor and publisher of one of America’s best storytelling magazines, Mountain Home. This husband-wife team were the first (and still only) mainstream journalists to report the unmatched COVID-killing efficacy of corticosteroids and ivermectin, breakthroughs discovered by a group of the most published critical care doctors in the world (see FLCCC.net). It is the most important and absurdly censored story on the planet.

  • Join us and support the first newsroom of radically New Old School journalists and science writers who file dispatches of the best COVID-19 doctors and treatments to your inbox from all corners of the globe.

  • Together we can stop the censors, save lives, save our loved ones—and save the world.

Who is RESCUE?

Journalists Teresa and Mike Capuzzo, on a RESCUE mission.

Like everything Teresa and I do together, it’s impossible to know whose idea it was. I’m Mike Capuzzo, the New York Times-bestselling author of Close to Shore and The Murder Room and former staff writer for The Miami Herald and then The Philadelphia Inquirer. In that famous Broad Street newsroom I was mentored by the great ex-New York Times editor Gene Roberts, and met Teresa.

Teresa Banik Capuzzo was a researcher for the Inquirer I-team that won two Pulitzer Prizes in national reporting, then had me test too many desserts when she was Philadelphia magazine’s food editor and restaurant critic. Between six books, two of them co-authored by Teresa, I’ve written for The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Esquire, Sports Illustrated (a story on racism suffered by Hank Aaron anthologized with the best of SI), and Smithsonian magazine. We’re as Old School as it gets.

Defying the collapse of local journalism and print, fifteen years ago we started publishing a monthly magazine, Mountain Home, “Free as the Wind,” out of our house by a creek in Teresa’s hometown of 3,203 in the Pennsylvania Appalachians and won 100,000 loyal readers across the farms, hills, and valleys straddling the PA-NY line. Our business model is simple: It is William Faulkner’s dictum that the writer “must teach himself that the basest of all things is to be afraid,” and leave “no room in his workshop for anything but the old verities and truths of the heart, the old universal truths lacking which any story is ephemeral and doomed,” or “he will write as though he stood among and watched the end of man.”

In May 2021, made heartsick by the censorship that was dividing, sickening, and killing our family and friends, my wife made the decision to publish the biggest story in the world from our small town—my 10,000-word story that doctors and scientists say is helping save lives all over the globe with an 83-cent pill that could end the pandemic in a month. It is the first comprehensive account of how Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, and their research team from five U.S. medical schools has saved countless lives globally. In a sane world, they would merit Nobel Prize consideration alongside vaccine researchers.

It is the story The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and others in the slithering blob once known as big pharma/government/tech/media have covered up for more than a year. We’ll ship the story to your inbox in three parts when you sign up. Dr. Satoshi Ōmura in Japan, who won the 2015 Nobel Prize for the discovery of ivermectin, sent praise and encouragement to keep going. “We’re not stopping,” Teresa says.

Here is our carefully considered business model for RESCUE: We’re fucking sick of it.

We’re sick of friends and family dying or dancing with death or long-haul agonies because an Associated Press “fact-checker” cancelled the world’s finest doctor-scientists. We’re sick of doctors at the largest academic medical center in the U.S. asking us what pill will stop COVID for them and their families—and then going underground to find it. We’re sick of so-called science writers denying the world knowledge or the chance to even debate—the heartbeat of scientific advance—treatments that could make the coronavirus extinct and save millions. This is not journalism; it is a crime against humanity.

Join the movement of journalists reporting not just to change the world, but to save it.

What You Will Get:

You’ll receive news in real time of the most effective, life-saving COVID-19 treatments for prevention, early outpatient and hospitalized illness, long-haul symptoms, and post-vaccine syndrome from me, Teresa, and our team of mainstream and alternative journalists. You’ll meet the extraordinary doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, and telemedicine practitioners with deep experience preventing and treating COVID-19—those who prescribe ivermectin, fluvoxamine, and other FDA-approved drugs with cooperating pharmacies all over. (RESCUE does not give health advice; you need your doctor to do that for you).

A final note on the collapse of trust in journalism. For those of you unaccustomed to or skeptical of the integrity of Old School journalists, we hope RESCUE will be a new experience. Our writers see the world from left and right and all over the lot. They don’t necessarily agree with me or with Teresa about any or all of our analyses of the pandemic. But all of us at RESCUE share the conviction that vital stories of doctors and scientists making breakthroughs and saving lives all over the globe are not being told, and are worth telling.

What They’re Saying:

“I am a Neurologist from Taiwan, former superintendent of Taipei Municipal Guan-Du Hospital…I strongly felt that (Michael Capuzzo’s) important story should be introduced to Taiwan to empower people and family with COVID to fight for their lives. It took me several days to translate the story into Mandarin.” ~Dr. Joe Chern, Department of Neurology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

“Remarkable. Earth-shattering. I always wanted to believe that the CDC, all of us, were invested in the Hippocratic Oath. But your story of five amazing doctors who care about nothing but saving human beings on planet Earth…has changed the way I look at my profession.” ~University of Pittsburgh Medical Center family physician.

“Thank you for your beautifully written piece, “The Drug That Cracked COVID.” I thank God that you are spreading the word about Ivermectin…I remain astonished at how much of an uphill battle it has been…Early treatment saved my father’s life, who is 72 and has at least one co-morbidity. May many more follow in your footsteps.” ~Mary Farag, assistant professor of early Christian studies, Princeton Theological Seminary.

“A most informative, beautifully told story, terrific and masterful science writing. A big tip of the cap to Michael Capuzzo.”  ~former director of The Council for the Advancement of Science Writing,

“Thank you so much for your essay, “The Drug that Cracked Covid,” and profound thanks to your wife, Teresa (Banik Capuzzo), for publishing this breakthrough reportage in Mountain Home magazine. I am sharing the link with everyone I know…Thank you, again. Here’s to overcoming the barriers to truth. ~Adrian du Plessis, editor, J’Accuse News, Canada.

“We know of doctors who prescribed ivermectin who then have been made examples of, their licenses revoked, their reputations smeared, and their professional and social status obliterated…But I take heart in the ethical, brave doctors, research scientists, and journalists who do care and who will turn the tide. You are one of them. We are not alone. Your writing has already saved people; I’m sure of it.” ~Lori Tooker, San Francisco

“Finally ONE brave journalist who stands up against the mainstream dictatorship.” ~Gaston Maqueda, Alberta Canadian Rockies

“Hope there will be more people and journalists like you who stand for truth and who really care❤️❤️❤️from the Philippines.” ~Caroline Chua

“Thank you for voicing this so freely and openly! We appreciate this honesty! Hi from South Africa.” ~Wolf and Bhakta Peyerl

“Thank you for speaking out and I pray journalist will listen to you to save our world by reporting truth instead of the lies they have reported for over a year. Please continue to speak out.” ~Dolores Walton.

“100,000’s of thousands of lives could have been saved! My heart aches...Thank you for speaking out with honor and a conscience...a hero!” ~T. Shields

“Thank You for restoring our faith that there are still some Great journalists out there.” ~Ron Hilton

 “God bless a real journalist. It starts with ONE.” ~Guri Nordenskjold, Denmark.

“EVERYONE MUST READ THIS!” ~Sign taped in the library in Ulysses, PA, in the Appalachian Mountains (pop. 610, with one third below the poverty line).

And one more…

“This is such an incredibly written article. Everyone should take the time to read it. I cried at the end bc i read it soon out after my Father died from Covid (after being fully vaccinated) and we begged the doctors at the hospital to try Ivermectin and they wouldn’t.” ~Jamie Burress, CFA, CPA, managing director, Houston, Texas.

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I am an investigative journalist who is outraged by the government's abject failure to stop COVID-19 by treating it early. Censorship and greed have fueled this pandemic. My articles: https://www.thefirstepidemic.com/new-index
Investigative journalist, freelance health and environmental writer, and co-author of several books including "Chemical-Free Kids" and most recently "A Consumer’s Guide to Toxic Food Additives."
Joyce Kamen is the VP of public information at the Frontline Covid19 Critical Care Alliance (flccc.net). She is an Emmy award-winning writer, publicist, journalist, columnist, and producer of documentary films.
I write with my wife Ginger on the Substack: Breggin Alerts! Join us there. I am Peter Breggin MD, often referred to as Conscience of Psychiatry for over 60 years in defense of patients confronting the damaging effects of psychiatry.
Dr. Furey is a psychiatrist in Richmond, VA who is has been advocating for patients for over 25 years. She's aiding her patients who have suffered from Covid-19 and is fighting back against the medical tyranny in Virginia.
Former CBS News correspondent and reporter/anchor at TV and radio stations in New York City and Washington, DC. More recently artist, writer, and creative director of the FLCCC Alliance. https://flccc.net and www.betsyashton.com.
Peter Joffre Nye is a prize-winning journalist, magazine editor, and author of several books, including his second edition of Hearts of Lions and The Fast Times of Albert Champion.
Dr. Berkowitz is the Medical Director of the Center for Balanced Health in NYC and a founder of the FLCCC Alliance. He was a faculty member at North Shore University Hospital and medical director of the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine.
Inventor of mRNA & DNA vaccines, RNA as a drug. Scientist, physician, writer, podcaster, commentator and advocate. Believer in our fundamental freedom of free speech.
Co-founder and editor-in-chief of RESCUE. Founding editor and publisher of Mountain Home magazine, Teresa was an investigative researcher for The Philadelphia Inquirer and the food editor and restaurant critic for Philadelphia Magazine.
Mary Budinger is an Emmy award-winning journalist and a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. Her 1st co-authored book, "An Alphabet of Good Health," was awarded the 2011 Readers Views 1st place award. She is the creator of OriginalFoodFix.com
I am a COVID-19 Consultant Researcher in EBM, Research Methodology, and Clinical Epidemiology and I informally provide support to some members of the US Congress and Senate.
As CEO of EbMCsquared CIC, home to the World Council for Health, my mission is to facilitate an integrated approach to health and to help people achieve health sovereignty. Excellent health and the freedom to choose go hand in hand.
American journalist and science writer & New York Times bestselling author, X Philadelphia Inquirer & Miami Herald reporter, 6 Pulitzer noms. & 200 journalism awards, founding editor/publisher of Mountain Home magazine with Teresa (mikecapuzzo.com).
Peter Breggin MD, psychiatrist, legal expert, therapist, author of 70 scientific publications and 20+ books, is known as “The Conscience of Psychiatry.” He and wife Ginger authored the bestseller COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey.
Matt Walsh is the founding CEO, editor and owner of the Observer Media Group Inc., publisher of 10 newspapers and six websites in Florida. He is the leading voice in Florida media for free markets and free people.
Pulmonary and Critical Care Specialist, Teacher/Researcher. Co-Developer of effective, evidence/expertise-based COVID Treatment protocols with the medical professionals and science giants of the Front-Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
Meryl Nass is a physician researcher who was the 1st person to prove an epidemic was due to biological warfare. She revealed the dangers of the anthrax and covid vaccines. Her license was suspended for treating COVID and spreading 'misinformation.'
Journalist, health writer, co-author of "A Consumer's Guide to Toxic Food Additives," and essayist whose commentaries have been published on the op-ed pages of major dailies and in an essay collection "Repeat Offenders."
Dr. Wagshul is the Med. Dir. of Lung Center of America in Dayton, Ohio. He has a clinical app’t. to Wright State Univ. School of Med. He was elected to the AOA, and is an attending physician at Kettering Health.
Lindy Sharon is an RN in rural Colorado for nearly twenty years and a “ranch-raised cowgirl” who helps run the family farm. She married her high school sweetheart, whom she met at a rodeo, and now they haul their five boys to compete across the U.S.
Juan Chamie is a senior data analyst who has published epidemiological data and presented ground-breaking global research and analysis on covid-19 treatments, notably ivermectin, to doctors worldwide, the WHO, NIH, and the U.S. Senate.
The FLCCC Alliance is a healthcare nonprofit on a mission to restore trust, integrity, and the doctor-patient relationship.
Born in Agentina, Medical Doctor for 41 years. Dedicated to assistance and teaching since 1981. Endocrinologist. Former Director of Ezeiza Hospital. Former Profesor of Internal Medicine (Buenos Aires)
Dr. Aditi Bhargava is a Professor at UCSF. Our major effort is now to ascertain vaccine safety and mental health status by surveying people’s response to vaccine efficacy and safety (PROVES).