Two grieving American mothers, both nurses, are left with pain and outrage after the sudden deaths of "perfect" babies.

November 2022

Nine months after mass vaccination, 110,000 fewer babies are born. In the U.S., birth data is scarce, and few mention the F word: Fertility
The Tampa Bay coach who loudly pushed for his team to get vaccinated is another victim of mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis, a top cardiologist says.
Dr. Fauci and others made some of history's most catastrophic decisions. They must change drastic policies, not ask for a mulligan.
"Where's my cycle" is the rallying cry of a group of French women fighting for basic expectations of life: a pain-free existence, a medical system they…
Pfizer Appears to Have Corrupted the Entire Western WorldWatch now (2 min) | Europe awakens from a nightmare to the ground truth.
The covid-19 vaccine is the smoking gun in his life-altering surgical emergency, a renowned covid doctor and researcher says.

October 2022

Here's an exclusive FLCCC link you can use to view part one of the film for free for the next three days.
Like Galileo in front of the Inquisition tribunal, the renowned Dr. Christian Perronne defended his right to critique covid-19 treatment to the French…
Rather than control the pandemic, vaccines now appear instead to be contributing to it—with alarming implications, Vanden Bossche warns.
Our investigative reporting is part of a major lawsuit by Dr. Paul Marik et al. to stop government interference in ‘The Practice of Medicine’

September 2022

Good try, CDC, rolling out your dangerous and ineffective vaccines to unsuspecting gay men—why do you do this to them?